Friday, February 4, 2011

I can't be objective about this.

I keep wanting to write something about Justified, one of my favorite new shows of the 09-10 season. It's a great show, the perfect mix of standalone and arc-centric episodes, compelling characters, strong women and Timothy Olyphant playing Seth Bullock in the 21st century confused as to why he can't just shoot people any more. Well, slightly more complicated than that, anyway.

I want to be articulate, and composed, and explain all the perfectly logical plot-related reasons why you would want to watch this show, and why I love this show. Really, take it from me, it's an incredible show. FX, you done good.

But I'm watching these episodes to catch up on the last half of the season before the premiere on Feb. 9th (watch iiiiiiit) and also trying to think of things I can say about it to convince you to watch, but everything I think of can pretty much be boiled down to this gif:

I'll have to try again sometime, I think. Because there's really more to this show than just Timothy Olyphant walking around setting panties aflame all across the country through the tv, though if you're on the fence about it, that's should be enough to push you over.


Diana said...

Oh, is that what Rachel and Brittany are doing?

I could never tell.